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Regulate for ADHD is an evidence-based online coaching program made by ADHDers for ADHDers ​ Living with ADHD is tough, and living with an ADHD brain that you don’t understand is next to impossible. Adulting is never-ending. Socializing can be so fun but also flipping draining. Work can be great one minute but so overwhelming if we're in the wrong environment or don't have the organizational strategies to make things flow easily. Emotions flow out of us like a raging waterfall that doesn’t care who’s in its way.

It doesn't have to be so hard.

We don’t have to snap, get road rage or get so overwhelmed we stare into space and can’t leave the couch.


There is a better way! And you can learn this way - through our online group coaching program Regulate. You will work with coaches and other ADHDers to learn HOW your ADHD brain and nervous system work, and WHAT to do about it.

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A happy man jumping and giving thumbs up • Feel more calm and confident with Regulate For ADHD
  • Live & Interactive group coaching sessions

  • Live Accountability sessions 

  • Practical strategies to help you kick A$$ in work, school and adulting

  • An app filled with easy-to-understand, evidence-based education so you can understand your brain, nervous system and emotions 

  • A community of fellow ADHDers

Regulate ADHD has a lot to offer

Regulate for ADHD will help you

  • Feel more calm and confident

  • Enhance your productivity

  • Improve your relationships with yourself and others

  • Build coping skills and use adulting strategies

A happy and empowered woman • Enhance your productivity with Regulate ADHD

Not sure which program is for you?

Learn more with a Discovery call!

  • Why is the program 12 months?
    The program is 12 months long for a few reasons: Our content is extensive ADHD can impact any and every aspect of our lives. We have a TON of helpful education and live groups sessions on multiple topics. If the program was less than 12 months, the amount of content could feel overwhelming and add unnecessary pressure. As ADHDers, if we become overwhelmed, we have a harder time starting and following through on tasks. We want everyone to succeed, and allowing ample time to go through the program increases the opportunity for having a successful program. Meaningful growth takes time Change doesn’t happen overnight! You want to see results and we want you to achieve your goals. We are here for you to trial new strategies, see what works, see what doesn’t, and help in multiple aspects of your life. The program also helps you alter unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors through the power of neuroplasticity, which takes time and repetition. We’re eager to work with people who are ready to put in the time and effort required to see meaningful change. Life gets busy! We understand that some months/weeks/days are going to be harder to participate than others. So, our program is self-paced and priced way below it’s value to allow members to miss some group sessions?weeks without feeling like they’re no longer getting their value out of it.
  • I’m not tech savvy, do I have to use my phone to access the program?
    Absolutely not, there is a web version of the program that you can access from a desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Why is the program in group format rather than 1-1?
    Groups are great for ADHDers for a few reasons: Validation feels really nice. Let’s face it, society is built for neuro-typicals. That means, as ADHDers, we often feel alone in our struggles. We feel like we’re doing things the “wrong way” or that tasks that seem so simple to others are hard for only us. Meeting with other ADHDers who are experiencing the same challenges allows us to feel validated. This validation allows us to feel less isolated, increase our acceptance and decrease shame. All of which, yields better functional results for you! The groups allow for built-in ADHD strategies! Extrinsic (outside of ourselves) Accountability and gamification are two extremely useful evidence based ADHD strategies. Our accountability groups are a great place to come when you need to get those things done that you just don't want to do. Our goals groups are there for you to learn how to make smart goals and to be held accountable to them by our ADHD Professionals. The emotional regulation and adulting groups are there to deep dive into topics broken down in our modules like emotions, executive functions, and so much more. Within all of these gorups you will learn applied skills and practice them so that you can actually use them in real life. Learning is enhanced and solidified when discussing information with peers. Our community allows you to share what’s worked for you and learn from other people who are struggling with the same challenges. This group program is a better bang for your buck. If you add up all the hours of groups you can join each week, the 1-1 cost would add up to a significantly higher price. Additionally, the program offers an abundance of pre-recorded psychoeducation that would take way longer and cost way more to go through 1-1 with a practitioner. They are made with ADHD in mind so are short, easy to understand and are well organized.
  • I’m Shy. Do I have to talk in the groups?
    The groups are there for you to ask relevant questions; however, you only have to share if you want to! Whatever is comfortable to you - you can type in the chat to ask questions, or simply listen to others and see what relates to your struggles.
  • There’s a lot of free stuff online about ADHD, so why do I need this virtual program?
    There’s a lot of free stuff online about ADHD, why do I need a virtual program? Get the Real Deal The internet is a mixed bag—lots of information, but it's hard to know what’s reliable. Our virtual program cuts through that clutter with content that’s not just based on solid science but also organized to make your journey with ADHD clearer and more manageable. Also, it’s written by practitioners with years of experience working with ADHDers. You won’t have to guess what’s helpful; we guide you step by step. Expert Help When You Need It: Think of this as having a coach in your corner who knows the ins and outs of ADHD. These are trained professionals ready to tailor their advice specifically to you, helping you navigate challenges and celebrate your wins. It’s a personalized support system you just can’t get with Google. Stay on Track: We know staying motivated can be tough. Our app has built-in reminders and accountability groups to keep things moving forward. It’s like having a gym buddy for your brain! Friends Who Get It: There’s something special about meeting others who truly understand what it’s like to live with ADHD. Our program brings people together, creating a community that supports each other. This isn’t just about sharing struggles; it’s about building connections that uplift and inspire. Interactive and Engaging: Forget passive scrolling through articles. Our program is interactive, featuring live sessions, engaging workshops, and real-time feedback. It’s designed to keep you engaged and make learning stick. Built for Lasting Change: What we’re aiming for here isn’t just a quick fix but real, sustainable change in how you manage ADHD. With our program, you’re not just learning; you’re changing your life, one skill at a time.
  • People say I’m just lazy, shouldn’t I just be able to figure things out and do better on my own?
    A common misconception is that ADHDers are lazy, but this simply is just not the case. Regulate teaches you how the ADHD brain is unique and why things can seem so hard. We dismantle common myths and teach strategies to help get over the hurdles that our brain makes harder on us. It is okay to need help and get help to figure things out together. Sure, you can try to figure everything out on your own, but with support you can learn to thrive much more quickly.

Regulate was a game-changer for me. It shed light on how ADHD affects my daily life, turning frustration into understanding. I've learned to recognize my behavioral patterns as part of ADHD, which has significantly changed my perspective.

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