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Occupational Therapy Initial Appointment (1.5 hours)


90 minutes


Occupational therapy offers a unique lens in healthcare as it focuses on assisting individuals to function and thrive in daily life. An "occupation" can be seen as any meaningful activity that occupies your time. This includes everything from brushing your teeth to going for a nature walk to a job.

We understand that mental and physical health challenges impact our ability to participate in meaningful activities. And we also understand that participating in meaningful activities impacts our overall health and wellbeing.

Our occupational therapists love helping people achieve what they need and want to do in life! Whether the goal is returning to golf, improving coping strategies for work, or facing the grocery store, we can create a custom treatment plan that will empower you to reach your full potential.

Our treatment sessions emphasize education, symptom management strategies, sensory integration strategies, acceptance, and mindfulness. We use a bio-psycho-social approach that considers the physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as the context or environment of each individual. This client-centered, holistic approach allows practitioners to address each individual's unique needs. ​

Follow up sessions - 50 or 90 minutes available

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