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FAQ for Regulate! 

Have questions regarding Regulate? Hopefully we answer your question below. 

Q: Why is the program 12 Months long?

There are a few reasons why the program is 12 months! 

  1. Our content is extensive 
    ADHD can impact any and every aspect of our lives. We have a TON of helpful education and live groups sessions on multiple topics. If the program was less than 12 months, the amount of content could feel overwhelming and add unnecessary pressure. As ADHDers, if we become overwhelmed, we have a harder time starting and following through on tasks. We want everyone to succeed, and allowing ample time to go through the program increases the opportunity for having a successful program. 

  2. Meaningful growth takes time
    Change doesn’t happen overnight! You want to see results and we want you to achieve your goals. We are here for you to trial new strategies, see what works, see what doesn’t, and help in multiple aspects of your life. The program also helps you alter unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviors through the power of neuroplasticity, which takes time and repetition. We’re eager to work with people who are ready to put in the time and effort required to see meaningful change.
    3.  Life gets busy!

We understand that some months/weeks/days are going to be harder to participate than others. So, our program is self-paced and priced way below it’s value to allow members to miss some group sessions?

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