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Katie Eichar

Occupational Therapist

Katie holds a Master's degree in Occupational Therapy (MOT), and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology. She has worked with individuals of all ages, from child to senior. She enjoys connecting and building relationships, and values the opportunity to work with individuals to attain their goals and engage in meaningful activities.


Katie has worked in numerous health care settings, including acute care, community health, long-term care and mental health and substance use. This experience has allowed her to gain insights into the complex realities that people experience and the challenges faced when navigating health care systems. She recognizes the uniqueness of every person, and strives to make life easier through individualized care planning and recommendations, whether by providing equipment and activity modification recommendations, mental health treatment and supports or connection to other services and resources.


Outside work, Katie spends time reading, walking in nature and growing orchids.


Katie is available for occupational therapy assessment and treatment, ADHD-focused treatment, home modifications, and care coordination and case management services.

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