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Mindful Mountains

People-first Practitioners 

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Power Your Wellness 

Mindful Mountains is a person-first network of health professionals serving individuals in-person on Vancouver Island and virtually throughout British Columbia and Canada. 

We focus on mental health, neurodiversity (such as ADHD and Autism) and chronic pain.
We are a team of mental health professionals who believe in empowering wellness through knowledge, exploration and acceptance.

Therapy Sessions

How to Love your ADHD Brain

A 10-week comprehensive, interdisciplinary guide to thriving with ADHD

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 "ADHD Acceptance - Support and Education for Diverse Minds" 

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Mental Health

Mental health impacts all aspects of life including work, relationships and the ability to cope with stress in new situations.


Counselling can delve into the root of strife and guide individuals in their wellness journeys.


 Occupational therapy can assist people to better understand and manage their symptoms as well as gradually resume meaningful activities.  

Mindful Mountains specializes in empowering individuals with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and sleep challenges. Our range of practitioners can assist in different areas of life that mental health problems impact. 


Just how all people are unique, how our brains are wired are also unique. Occupational therapy can assist folks with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) to better manage their daily lives through education, acceptance, and strategies.


OT can also help families and partners of neuro-diverse folks with strategies and improved understanding of their strengths, abilities, and needs. Our Occupational Therapists are available for ADHD focused OT. 

Counselling can uncover how past experiences as neurodivergent individual can shape our perceptions of ourselves, and the world and guide you on a journey of wellness and self discovery.

Want to connect with fellow ADHDers?

Join our Facebook group "ADHD Acceptance - Support and Education for Diverse Minds"

Virtual-first Clinic

We are a virtual-first clinic, offering services across British Columbia and Canada.

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